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Working with Leyla


If you are ready for change and want to create work that is fulfilling, balanced and supports your sense of freedom and would like to work with me, click below for a free consultation.  I will go over how I work and what you can expect.

If I am not the right person for you I’d be happy to give you recommendations of other coaches who might be.

Coaching Packages

Coaching sessions will take place over the phone – in the comfort of your home or someplace that feels safe and cozy for you, and can be free of interruptions.

I highly recommend that new clients plan on working with me for at least three months. Sure there can be “aha” moments when lightning splits the sky and you are off and running. But finding your path can take a while.

Stocksy_txp19139148zt5000_Small_139983Packages Include:

  • Pre-work, to help me know you and for you to get clear on what you want out of the sessions
  • 3 60-minute coaching sessions – by phone, or in person (if you are in or around Boulder)
  • Exercises to help you align with your passion
  • E-mail support (Monday through Friday)
  • $375 (per 3 session package).  Note: I am offering 20% off for those who have purchased my book Choosing Delight. (On Amazon on the Kindle Platform. The code is inside the book)

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Individual Sessions:

Sometimes you just want an intensive clarity-seeking session to get you back on your right path.

I suggest that this option be reserved for clients who have already worked with me and just need re-alignment.

  • One session 60 min. $150
  • Email support during the week of the call
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Getting Started

Let’s get started:

Let’s get to know each other. Email me directly to schedule a FREE 30 minute session. LeylaDay @