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Choosing Delight: True Life Stories Of Quitting A Soul-Sucking Job and Doing What You Love For A Living

I wrote Choosing Delight to explore the traits and strengths that people have who resist the pull of the rat race and go on to create work that is aligned with their passions.

I interviewed eight inspirational people with a broad range of interests (book publisher, rock climber and teacher, fly fisherman, life coach to name four) to understand what led them to create heart-felt work.

Inspired by Chris Guillebeau’s bestselling book: The $100 Startup. Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love And Work Better to Live More and life coach Martha Beck’s groundbreaking book: Finding Your North Star, I propose the premise that, faced with a sea of conventional career choices, we should choose the paths that engender delight if we want to live fulfilling lives.

Whether you are leaving college or transitioning into a new phase of life and want to make a living using your creative strengths, this book can inspire you to make a change.

The exercises in Choosing Delight will guide you to uncover your core desires, identify your blocks and fears and help you to take the first steps to move forward into your right life.

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