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I hold up a light for seekers to find their path to soul satisfying work and a happy life.

I am a writer and life coach whose own life purpose is to tell people’s stories so that others may be inspired; to shine a light on people’s dreams, and to help people to live full, joyous lives.

It wasn’t always so… I spent most of my life looking for my elusive life purpose – and then running from it as fast as my legs could carry me. In those escapist years (most of my life), I covered half of the globe. My motto has been:  if you are running from yourself, run far.

I wish it were not so but I know a lot about the cost of ignoring your intuition; doing work you don’t enjoy; and choosing the opposite of freedom.  And I also have tasted the incredible freedom that comes with doing what you were put on earth to do!

My coaching is based on primarily two teachings: that of Byron Katie (proponent of “The Work” approach) with whom I have studied for 15 years, and to Martha Beck, with whom I am a coach in training.

I have a B.A. from Yale University (including a wildly useful degree in Medieval History and African Languages) and an M.S from Cornell in Development Sociology. I am bilingual in Spanish and English.

In the last decade and a half, I have worked with multi-lateral banks (such as the World Bank) and mining companies to ensure that mine projects promote social development and improve the lives of communities affected by mining. It’s not exactly like life coaching…

I live happily in beautiful Colorado with my husband, two daughters, and a miniature Noah’s ark of two horses, two frogs, two dogs, two bunnies, two hermit crabs and one very naughty miniature donkey!

The Code of Coaching

Coaching is the process of holding up a light so that our fellow travelers can better see and choose their own path.  In this process there is a code I go by:

  • Be transparent, be authentic, be open
  • Recognize that the client has the answers
  • Allow the process to be heart-guided
  • Be open to miracles and divine guidance
  • Seek freedom for self and others
  • Recognize that change can be effortless and instantaneous (And sometimes it is slow and painful..)
  • Accept that everyone is whole and no one needs fixing
  • Have fun and laugh…a lot!

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