“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do”

— Rumi

I’m so glad you are here!

Are you

  • Seeking a way of living that feels more meaningful?
  • Confused about what your “life purpose” is but you know there is something out there for you?
  • Seeking work where you can be authentically you?
  • Wanting to show up as you truly are: gorgeous, unconventional, luminescent?
  • Ready to make a change – if only you knew what to do or could find the courage?
  • Have you been focused on raising a family and now you want to discover what you really want?
  • Worried that you don’t have what it takes to create soul-satisfying work?

I work with people who are in transition or looking for change, who seek clarity on their right path to create fulfilling, satisfying life-work.

What I know to be true:

  • The world needs your voice, you talents, and your passion.  Nobody but you can do what you do.
  • You have the answers inside you.
  • You will know when you are ready for change and who best can help you.

“Nothing comes ahead of its time, and nothing ever happened that didn’t need to happen.”

Byron Katie

Danielle LaPort The Desire Map Workshop Level 1

Danielle LaPort The Desire Map Workshop Level 1
For more information about my Workshops and other services, please contact me at LeylaDay@yahoo.com